Water your lawn more efficiently and easily with an automatic lawn sprinkler system from Autowater Irrigation Co., Inc. We provide services to maintain your existing sprinkler system or install a new sprinkler system. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide custom installations with high-quality equipment by factory-trained technicians. Our work is fully guaranteed. We are proud of the services we provide. Some of the services we provide are listed below. If you have a question about whether we provide a service, would like a free estimate, or have any other questions, please call us at 781.863.1000 (M-F 8am-4pm) or e-mail us any time.



All Autowater Irrigation systems are custom designed to each property. If you choose an installation, our process will be customized for your specific property and needs. The installation of a new system starts directly at the water meter in the basement. This will take advantage of the highest gallons per minute (GPM). If you choose the “separate meter option” (where applicable *), this “high volume” water source will be plumbed in by our in-house licensed plumbers. In order to simplify future preventative maintenance, we determine the most convenient location for the timer. Installing a timer outside is often best for future maintenance appointments. Once the water and power sources have been determined, we design a system with head-to-head coverage, which will guarantee even distribution and create a complete and efficient system. Systems coverage can be designed to meet many different needs, we can create options specific to your property. For example, only lawn coverage may make sense or lawn and shrub coverage with separate zones so each zone can have its own schedules. Our expert installation team professionally installs each system to be completely undetectable when it is not in use. In order to ensure satisfaction, each new system comes with a one-year guarantee from the date of installation.

* Separate meters are permitted in some towns but not others. Check with your local Water Department or contact us.





During our spring activation service, one of our factory trained technicians will:
1   Pressurize your systems’ main line and check for any leaking resulting from the previous winter.
2   Run each zone and inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads for proper coverage.
3   Adjust your rain sensor.
4   Inspect each zone valve to be sure it is closing tightly, preventing “zone” leaking. A leaking system is an inefficient system and will inflate your water bill.

All sprinkler systems should have a fall winterization in order to prevent damage due to freezing. Winterization service entails us shutting off the water to your system at its source in the basement and pressurizing the system with compressed air which forces all of the water out through the sprinkler heads. This ensures a freeze-proof system all winter long. We send e-mail reminders starting in September to remind you to contact us about an appointment. Make sure to provide a valid e-mail address to be included in this reminder. We can provide a ‘no freeze guarantee’ if your winterization service takes place prior to November 1st. If you have an outdoor timer and your plumbing connection does not require back-draining in the basement (most do not) you can close the water valve in the basement for us and we can winterize the system from outside without necessitating access to the basement or requiring you to be home. Check with us to find out if your system requires back draining.

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Call today to see if an irrigation meter is permitted in your town. If allowed, we will install the additional meter and all necessary fixtures to meet your town’s specifications. The additional meter will prevent you from paying sewer charges on your irrigation water. These irrigation meters have been very popular and have been important cost-saving items for homeowners. We frequently receive feedback from customers about how “pleasantly surprised” they are to see the savings on their next water bill. The fact is, the cost of installing these meters is virtually paid for in savings on your water bill sewer charges realized over the next few years. Each town that allows irrigation water meters has a different procedure for permitting and installation. Contact us today to see if your town allows second water meters and about your town’s meter set up criteria. You can also check directly with your town water department for current water rates and sewer abatement rates.

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